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The Seattle Times
John Buck at Greg Kucera: creation, destruction and more by Gayle Clemans
(August 1, 2014)

This video interview and footage is from the exhibition C'est Magnifique at Hilliard University Art Museum, Lafayette, Louisana, from January - May, 2013.

The following article is taken from the Seattle Times, October 27, 1998:
Entertainment News by Robin Updike

…Kucera says his new wide-open space is going to make showing sculpture a lot easier. "The previous space was very linear. It was great for flat art. But over the years we've shown more sculpture, which needs more space." The current show of two-dimensional work and sculpture by Montana artist John Buck has plenty of breathing room. The front gallery is 28 by 60 feet. And there is a more intimate gallery in the back and exhibition space on the mezzanine and the sturdy back deck. The big deck juts out in back of the gallery and offers an expansive view of the grid of the railroad tracks as they near King Street Station, some three blocks away. Kucera plans to keep some sculpture on the back deck, an unexpected treat for those traveling north by train.