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The Tree Is Just a Context
See Sculptor Dan Webb Reduce a Doug Fir to Sawdust Before Your Very Eyes in Break It Down
by Jen Graves

May 14, 2014
Review in International Sculpture Center
Fragile Fortress: The Art of Dan Webb
by Suzanne Beal

Review in The Seattle Times of Dan Webb's exhibition at BAM:
Brilliant Dan Webb, Kathy Venter shows at BAM
by Michael Upchurch

Recently in Seattle Magazine
August 2012

Dan Webb's Chiseled Features
A Seattle sculptor cuts to the core of what people desire in spectacular wood carvings. By: Brangien Davis
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The Seattle Times
At Kucera: Photographer Daniel Carrillo, sculptor Dan Webb play with their media by Michael Upchurch
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Brian Miller "Dan Webb: Stones and Flowers Though dandelions only sprout for a summer, Dan Webb has rendered them with bronze and redwood."

Regina Hackett "Dan Webb - inanimate objects with a pulse"

"Wood You Believe Me" in ARTWORKS A Voice for the Arts
by Kiera Scholten
Summer 2010
Wood You Believe Me (or download pdf here)

"Tongue-in-Cheek Eloquence" in Sculpture Magazine
by Suzanne Beal
September 2009
Tongue-in-Cheek Eloquence