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Deborah Butterfield
The Nature of Horses
Denver Botanic Gardens :
May 23 - October 18, 2015

"Deborah Butterfield: The Nature of Horses," 54 page catalog was produced for the exhibition.

KA’U (#4725), 2016
Unique cast bronze (wood state)
25 x 35 x 8 inches
Price on request

UNTITLED (#4724), 2016
Unique cast bronze (wood state)
38 x 46 x 16 inches
Price on request

UNTITLED (#4723), 2016
Unique cast bronze (wood state)
32 x 37 x 10 inches
Price on request

Unique cast bronze with patina
39 x 37 x 17 inches
Price on request

Welded found steel with concrete
41.5 x 49 x 14.5 inches
Price on request

More about ROCKFORD
For many years, Butterfield has acquired scrap metal by the ton from a salvage yard in Rockford, Illinois. When this pile of rebar arrived at her studio, with its large chunks of concrete still attached, the artist recognized its promising opportunity. Butterfield welded the forcibly bent rebar to cage the concrete within the sculpture.

Welded found steel
30 x 124 x 67 inches
Price on request

More about RED HEAD
The other large work, "Redhead," is a majestic reclining horse. Built and welded from very large scale pieces of angle iron, Redhead sprawls out over 6 by 10 feet of floor space.

Sold work

Unique cast bronze with patina
93 x 101 x 44 inches

With a dark, reddish patina, Red Forest, creates a complex silhouette of dark shapes and lines. The large globes of pine boles contrast with the diagonal and vertical lodgepole pine trunks that rest against it and anchor it to the floor.

View an earlier example of this body of work.

In these standing works from the 1970s, Butterfield used a similar leaning of elements against the horse figure.
In the earlier works, the horses were made of mud and sticks and the branches or tree trunks were still wood. In current works, the entire sculpture is made of wood first and then cast in bronze providing lasting stability to the work.

Horse #6, 1978
Mud, sticks, steel
144 x 108 x 84 inches
Collection of Oakland Museum

Horse #7 (Bonfire), 1978
Mud, sticks, steel
144 x 108 x 65 inches
Collection of di Rosa Preserve Napa, California

TINY, 2015
Unique cast bronze with patina
25.5 x 29 x 10 inches

Cast bronze
38 x 48 x 17 inches

Unique cast bronze with patina
32.5 x 38 x 11 inches

More about KINO PALUA
"Kino Palua" is a Hawai'ian phrase, meaning "Dual Natured" referring to the variation between smooth and rough surfaces in this work. The wood was collected along mountain sides in Hawai'i. The bronze is patinated in rich earthy colors accentuating the beautifully curving parts in its graceful form.

Found steel, welded
44 x 52 x 15 inches

More about BLUE LILY
A smaller horse, “BLUE LILY” in various shades of red, blue, yellow, white (and her ever-present rust) utilizes scavenged part from bicycles, farm machines and various other once-practical equipment. Larger than 3 x 4 feet in size, it sits on a pedestal as do all of her smaller works. Their inspiration can be found in the colorfully glazed Chinese ceramic horse sculptures from the Han and Tang Dynasties.