Procedure for portfolio review

The Gallery is always interested in seeing work with which we are not familiar. In order for us to become acquainted with your work, we ask that you send us digital images or a link to your website address. Due to continued difficulty in receiving slide portfolios, proper postage, and the time it takes to process such material, we no longer accept art submissions sent via mail. We cannot accept original work, nor view images sent on disk.

Sending your inquiry through email:

1. Please e-mail your URL to . If you are sending jpeg images, please send no more than 4 (preferably under 100-200K each), of your most recent work.

2. Please note "Artist Review" in the subject line of your e-mail.

3. Your email should serve as your cover letter giving your address, phone, email and contact information.

4. Your website should include resume information showing your exhibition history, collections, images and, if appropriate, your education experience.

5. If appropriate, include an artist's statement addressing concrete information about your work.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL regarding the status of your submission, as we will respond to submissions that have been viewed by the curators with interest.

While it would be ideal to exhibit work by all of the artists we come across, we must keep that number to a minimum to ensure that we successfully represent the artists under contract with the gallery.

Very rarely do we select an artist after submitting a portfolio. More frequently the artists we work with are introduced to us on a very intimate level over time, through art fairs, conversation, recommendations from artists or galleries, and viewing their art exhibitions as we travel. We work with about 25 artists who show on a rotating basis every two to three years. Our gallery schedule is currently booked for the near future.

Thank you for considering us, and we wish you success in finding a gallery suitable for your work and your needs.