Sculpture, paintings on silk, and works on paper
May 15 - June 28
Opening: Thursday, May 15, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

ALL-WAYS, 2007
Gouache, velvet and beads on silk
45 x 69 inches

Greg Kucera gallery is very pleased to announce our second one-person exhibition of sculpture and paintings by Seattle artist, Sherry Markovitz. The show's title, THE TRUE STORY, refers to the artist's ongoing pursuit of truth and emotional
honesty in her work.

"In some ways I want to suggest as much as I reveal. In my work there is a quality of peeling away the layers and each layer reveals more than the last. It is about exposing one's vulnerability." -Sherry Markovitz

The imagery in Markovitz's beaded sculpture and work on silk or paper is derived from the artist's own ongoing collection of dolls, dummies, masks, figurines and stuffed animals. Most of these are personal symbols for Markovitz, but their familiar iconography help make the work accessible to most viewers while still resisting specific meaning. This body of work exhibits Markovitz's prescient ability for tapping into archetypal images of memory, as well as childhood dreams, fears and desires that may still be manifest in our adult lives.

For this exhibition, Markovitz has begun painting with gouache on silk. The soft, draping silk is used as a counterpoint to the solidity of the sculptures, particularly when the silk waves and blows when caught by a breeze.

"Silk is the material of intimacy. Silk underwear. Silk dresses. Femininity. There was a designer of ballet costumes who was asked why she used silk underneath the ballerinas costumes. She replied that she wanted them to feel wonderful on the inside as well as the outside. Silk is very tactile. It also holds the color in a different way than paper." -Sherry Markovitz

MY MULE, 2003-2006
Glass beads, papier machê, and mixed media

23 x 18 x 30 inches

In addition to the silk paintings, Markovitz has created paintings on paper that incorporate foil, both as an element of color and as a sculptural elaboration of the painting's surface. These paintings act as transitions between the more elusive, ghostly qualities of the silk paintings and the elaborately detailed, very present, beaded sculptures.

Sherry Markovitz was born in 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She received her BA in Ceramics and Art Education from the University of Wisconsin, and her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Washington. Her work is in the permanent collections of The American Craft Museum, New York; The Corning Museum of Glass, New York; Dow Jones Collection, New York; Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina; and The Seattle Art Museum, Seattle.

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Homemade Moving Images
May 15 - June 28
Opening: Thursday, May 15, 6:00 - 8:00 pm


Greg Kucera Gallery is also excited to announce the opening of VIDEO KITCHEN. This exhibition brings together a small group of artists who have made their own movies from start to finish. By referencing the word "kitchen" in the title of our show, we mean to suggest the kinds of videos made in the privacy of the home or studio, without the aid of post-production editors, camera crew, sound engineers or special effects artists.

Still from UNTITLED (#9404), 2007

Among the artists who will not be in the show are such technically polished artists as Matthew Barney, Isaac Julien, Pipilotti Rist, Bill Viola, Gary Hill, Shirin Neshat, Rodney Graham, Doug Aitken, and Marina Abramovic.

Those that are in the show are artists who embrace a lowtech, very intimate form of image making in flat work as well as moving pictures. These are humble gestures and personal stories, appropriate for the small screen.

Mark Newport knits super hero costumes and has made a video of himself sitting in a rocking chair, knitting while wearing one of his own cable-knit creations. Tim Roda's videos are similar to his photographs in his use of his son and himself acting out small, personal dramas of a tragiccomic nature. These are originally filmed in Super-8 format and then digitally mastered. Portland artist, Jhordan Dahl's video DREAMGIRLS casts herself as various heroines from movies such as Chinatown, Belle du Jour and Valley of the Dolls, making reference to how she saw her mother as a strong, daring woman. Daniela Libertad's videos involve her own body and various props to exploit the receptivity and defensiveness of the flesh. A bar of soap or a balloon provide her with some curious allusions to bodily reactions. Reuben Lorch-Miller's videos are filmed in his own studio, performing mundane activities such as chopping wood or running laps around the studio.

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